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What condition generally are the products sold by Connectivity Solutions?
Connectivity Solutions sells predominantly new retail sealed products, and unless specified that is generally what will be quoted. Connectivity Solutions does also carry a large stock of refurbished or open box products; the condition of these will be specified at the point of quote.

What is the warranty for products?
All new products sold by Connectivity Solutions carry a 1 year warranty. Any period after this would have to be handled by the manufacturer.

Used products carry a 180 day warranty

What does Cisco Refurbished mean?
Cisco Refurbished refers to equipment that was once returned to the manufacturer and repaired to be sold at a discount. The equipment is sealed in a Cisco box with Cisco tape.

What is a GBIC?
GBIC stands for gigabit interface converter, which is a type of electrical interface card. They are a standard for transceivers and are hot swappable, meaning they can be replaced without much interruption to the network system in place. They support a wide range of physical media including copper and long-wave single-mode optical fiber.

"I can't save my configuration on the router."

The problem is usually caused by the config-register being set to CONFIG-2142, which will cause the router to return to default settings every time the router is tuned off, even if the configurations are saved.

To correct this, change the setting from 0x2142 to 0x2102
(Ex: Control Break router while decompressing IOS. Rommon# confreg 0x2102)

My router is stuck in a loop

If your router is stuck in an endless loop where it will try to decompress the IOS again and again without fully loading the IOS into the rommon - this is usually caused by lack of memory (DRAM).

To fix this problem upgrade the memory on the router.

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