Save up to 80% annually on support costs.
At Connectivity Solutions, we know that downtime can be disastrous for enterprise. However, over-priced I.T maintenance services can drain vital cash from your business, only to prove ineffective.

With over 10 years of support experience, Connectivity Solutions provide service packages tailored to meet your needs, giving you total infrastructure support.

Why use Connectivity Solutions for support? Service with savings!
We can offer significant savings against vendor support costs, especially on legacy or EOL hardware without compromising the quality of service provided.

Flexible Contracts
Our service is designed to meet your needs. Whether you need a short term contract or a specific service level, simply tell us what you want and we'll tailor our services to suit you!

Single Point of Contact
As a multi-vendor support organization, we provide a single point of contact for your server, storage and network environments.

Pan-Asia Coverage
We can cover most of Asia, simplifying the task of managing remote sites further leveraging ourselves as a single point of contact for all your support requirements.
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