Rentals - Why Rent

Whether you require one PC or a complete network, Connectivity Solutions has the right solution for you and your business.

Renting is ideal for:

  1. Training Courses
  2. Conferences and Exhibitions
  3. Presentations
  4. Budget and Capital Constraints
  5. Special Projects
  6. Work Overload
  7. 100% Tax Deductible
  8. Travel
  9. Testing
  10. Try before you buy

Introducing the Concept of Rental

  • The basis of any operating lease is a rental agreement where the renter pays periodic rentals for the use of assets.
  • Rentals are based on the reducing value of the asset throughout the term of the agreement.
  • Ownership rests with the lessor throughout.
  • No bargain purchase option or residual commitment is negotiated at the time of inception of lease.
  • Operating leases must meet the criteria specified by prevalent accounting standards of the country. 

Companies benefit by using technology, not owning it

To keep the competitive edge, businesses must continually invest in technology.

  • Often, vast amounts of un-utilized equipment is taking up valuable space at a high cost to company.
  • In todays fast-moving business environment, companies are finding it increasingly challenging to keep up with an even faster pace of technology advancements as IT hardware manufacturers and software developers continuously introduce new and better equipment to make users more productive.
  • The useful lifespan of IT equipment has been steadily declining. This is coupled with continuing drops in acquisition costs because what you pay for today is worth less tomorrow, never mind in a couple of years time.

Businesses want to invest capital on investments that provide a return

These trends clearly indicates that ownership is no longer a viable option for company's intent on staying current with new technology offerings and for those who wish to reduce the operating costs of technology.

This makes investing in technology counter-intuitive because purchased technology is expensive. First there's the cash layout on the initial purchase price of hardware and software, add services, warranty, maintenance, forgotten contractual terms and conditions, and upgrades. Then at the end of an IT assets usefulness, there are the costs and overheads associated with removing and disposing of the obsolete hardware and introducing the new, upgraded system. Add the cost of downtime, or related issues, when technology expires and businesses do not upgrade to newer technology, or even, the cost of downtime during migration. What about shipping and documentation? Another question is how much income generating business could have been bought for the cash thats being laid out for equipment?

What's the alternative?

You no longer need to purchase a blanket of brand new technology; or pay large sums of cash upfront; or even buy your equipment through a traditional banker's lease. Connectivity Solutions understands finance and we also understand technology and how it addresses your business needs. Connectivity Solutions works for business in the procuring, financing and management of your IT equipment. You gain greater financial control and avoid equipment obsolescence. You could choose to receive a cash injection for your business through Connectivity Solutions Sell and Rent Back programme. Implement a structured cycle of equipment renewal with the Connectivity Solutions Exchange Plan. Choose the option of off balance sheet reporting and stepped payment plans and even insure and track your rental assets with Connectivity Solutions Online Contract Management to disclose every cost and every saving

Key Benefit
Connectivity Solution
Traditional Lease
Cash Purchase
Conserve Cash Pay for equipment over time
Predict technology spend Regular, fixed payments - pay as you use
Reduce ongoing paperwork Simple terms within a Master Agreement
Choose your brand Access to all brand names - your choice
Fulfill all your technology needs in a single payment Bundling of hardware, software, maintenance and services.
Stay ahead of the technology curve Upgrade more frequently and eliminate the risk of technology obsolescence
Enjoy contract flexibility Exchange equipment through the contract
Enhance management efficiency Online contract management to view your contract details 24/7 and an assigned dedicated asset manager
Look ahead Flexible end of term options
Reduce technology costs Cost of ownership and disposal is avoided
More liquid financials Off balance sheet reporting
Internal cost controls Cost centres can be billed separately
Maximise uptime Dedicated Insurance
Know the status of every computer NetTrace for technology




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